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The Official News Letter from Voiceovers Unlimited

Newsletter for AAAVoiceCasting & Voiceovers Unlimited.
AAAVoiceCasting is a division of VoiceOvers Unlimited.

To schedule a general interview with AAAVoicecasting,
email Carole or Dan at AAAVoiceCasting@aol.com

In this issue:

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by Carole Murray Duckworth

Hi All,

Just a reminder that if you would like to be included in the active casting

files of AAAVoiceCasting, send us an email with your demo and resume

attachments to aaavoicecasting@aol.com. To receive all our free Internet goodies, send us an email

with "all" typed in the subject window. Just click this link aaavoicecasting@aol.com


Carole Murray Duckworth

Note: AAA Voicecasting accepts your CD Demos, and emailed sound files at AAAVoiceCasting@aol.com General interviews and reviews of demos may be scheduled by calling 917-363-9877.

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mister voy

From the Microphone of Mr. Voy Sohver

(aka Dan Duckworth)....

Hi All,

We've been tremendously busy with many activities that have left us little time to blog here. We will be in the studio in Octoberr to visit with everyone. More as details become available. Stay tuned!

Greetings to TEAM VoiceOvers Unlimited! See you at the studio in Octoberr!

Dan (Mr. Voy Sohver) Duckworth

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seminar schedule

Seminar Schedule

Hint: early calls get the best appointments. 917-363-3130 (Carole.)
If you booked a seminar after viewing the schedule on our site, let us know.

These seminars really do fill up fast.
To make appointments, call Carole, 917-363-9877 ASAP.


Friday, October 18th. First Time Guest To Be Announced-

First appointment is at 6:30pm, last at 8:50pm. Fee $35.

To schedule your appointment, call Carole-917-363-3130-with your Credit Card Info.



Call for scheduling:

Fee: $395 (includes two sessions, a fully produced demo, and an mp3 master). The Master Program gives you answers to important questions about this large market. "What kind of demo do you need? What kind of marketing is required?"

It's not brain surgery but it has its own special techniques. What is medical narration? Dan says, "One example of the many types of projects that fall under the umbrella of medical narrations is the recent 9 hour project that I did for a new breast cancer chemo delivery system. The check came in and was for $2600." Medical narration isn't for everyone, but if you want to learn the skills you'll need, as well as how to market them, this is your opportunity. The demo will be professionally produced after the 2 sessions are completed and will NOT be made from material recorded during the two sessions. To register get out your credit card or check book and call Dan at 917 363 9877.



Scheduling appointments: blabbermouthproductions@yahoo.com
Canceling appointments (24 hr notice): 917-363-2512

October 2013

Workshops to be announced


Remember to take advantage of our Complimentary Internet Programs:

***** '101 Tips for Your Voiceover/Acting Business,'
***** 'How to Get an Extra Paycheck to Support Your Acting Business'
***** '52 Week Actor Action Plan'
Just hit 'reply' and type 'all' in the subject window.

You may also designate particular programs:

  • 101
  • Paycheck
  • Action Plan


If you'd like to be listed in our active casting data base at AAAVoiceCasting, you may request a general

interview by emailing Carole Murray Duckworth. Click here: AAAVoiceCasting@aol.com.

Please attach your demos and resume material.

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total package

Voiceovers Unlimited Total Package and Referral Program

We have expanded and enhanced our already outstanding Total Package For Voiceovers. For information give us a call at 917-363-9877.

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